Contemporary Folk Service

Contemporary Folk Service

What is a Contemporary Folk Service?

Our contemporary folk services use a variety of instruments including guitars, piano, and percussion to accompany praise songs. It is an accessible service that is relaxed and open, where we can sing and find fellowship together in the evening. If you work or have plans on a traditional Sunday morning, try this service out and you may find it’s right for you!

Worried about “fitting in”?

No matter your faith tradition, this service is approachable, engaging, and ecumenical. We welcome all friends and visitors to worship with us.

Is church right for me?

Everyone has problems in their lives, many that go invisible and unspoken. Many people feel that they should only go to church when all the problems are solved, when all is well. However, we all come in our brokenness and welcome you whether you are steadfast in faith, quietly struggling, or need to seek out a way to find solace or community in this difficult world.


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