Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30am

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30am

St. John’s Lutheran has returned to indoor worship, but will continue to live stream the worship service on Facebook. You may also choose to remain in your car in the parking lot and listen via the FM radio station 103.1. We look forward to having our congregation back in the church and the parking lot based on what is best for them. Please note the important information below:

Here are the procedures for attending worship:
~ Masks are to be worn at all times during worship.
~ Upon entering the church building your temperature will be monitored and those with a temperature of 99 degrees and above will be asked to not enter the sanctuary.
~ Seating areas will designated and distancing observed. Bulletins will be placed in available seating areas.
~ Following worship you are asked to leave your bulletin at your seat to indicate it has been occupied for cleansing.
~ We will use the hymnals to guide us through the service and you are asked to take it with you to re-use so that we don’t have to cleanse each book after each service.
~ Singing will not be permitted as our policy. Hymns will be played on the organ and you can follow along or kind of sing in your mind. The regular worship choir will not be singing. The liturgy from the hymnal may be softly spoken.
~ We will celebrate Holy Communion when regularly scheduled with the Altar Guild guiding the process in the same manner we have established during our parking lot worship.
~ Ushers will not receive offering but we will have our very “low tech” offering barrels lined with bags that you may place your offerings and tithes in to be counted after an appropriate amount of time has elapsed.
~ If you are not inclined to enter the church building but want to be here, the parking spaces closest to the church will be reserved for you and we will try to broadcast the service on the radio. Our frequency will be 103.1 FM. We will deliver Holy Communion to you when we celebrate the sacrament.
~ At the end of the service the congregation may leave with the back of the church leaving first working our way to those seated in the front to avoid any cross contamination as best as we can. Think of Jesus’ “the last shall be first.”

Please remember that this is a learning process for us all so some understanding will be required. We will try to worship as safely as we possibly can following established CDC guidelines and those of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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