Sunday Worship Service
  • 2915 Fireline Rd, Palmerton, PA 18071

  • St. John’s Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship Service

Welcome to St. John’s! We have returned to indoor worship services, being held at 10:30am until the summer, when we will make the change to 9:30am. Even as restrictions are being lifted and you are welcome to worship in your car in the parking lot, or watch livestream on Facebook. 

What to Expect

As Lutherans, we do have a structure to our service, or “Liturgy”. But we know that not everyone is familiar with this structure, so everything is described in the bulletin! Even if it feels a little unfamiliar at first, our service is set up in a way that is both accessible and honors tradition. You can expect the service to be about an hour long, with communion on the first Sunday of every month (and all who believe in Christ are welcome to celebrate communion). Sometimes we have celebrations mixed in the service such as a baptism or first communion, and these are opportunities for you to see how we celebrate life’s events within our community. Worried about being new to church? We will welcome you in the way YOU want to be welcomed. If you want to engage fully right away, we will celebrate your bravery. If you are more timid and need some time to warm up, we won’t push you to participate more than you are ready. But know that here at St. John’s, we truly want you to feel welcome and appreciated just by your presence.


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