Past Events

Past Events

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

This traditional Christmas Eve service is a very special event where people from St. John’s and the community come to celebrate the birth of Christ together in song and contemplation. The evening closes begins with special music at 10pm, and closes with a candlelight singing of Silent Night. All are welcome – young and wise; new and old; all are friends in…

Christmas Eve Family Service

Christmas is a time for a special kind of fellowship as we welcome the birth of Christ. Come join us as the children of St. John’s sing and the congregation joins for an evening of carols, fellowship, and celebration.

Choir Rehearsal

Please join us on Wednesday evenings to prepare for Sunday’s service and beyond! No singing experience required – just a willingness to lift your voice!

Bell Choir Rehearsal

Please join us from 6-7pm on Wednesdays for Bell Choir rehearsal! Bells rehearse for upcoming special events and holidays, but do not perform weekly. No music reading experience required – join us for a ringing good time!! For more information, call our director, Debbie Shoenberger at 610-751-2757 or email Pastor Jody at